Waveguide Assemblies

We have a unique and comprehensive range of in-house microwave design, manufacture and test capabilities for the supply of waveguide components and assemblies. 


Manufacturing Processes

Our capability extends to the design and manufacture of complex custom waveguide assemblies for space payload and radar applications. An array of in-house manufactured components such as cast waveguide bends, tees and flanges can be assembled using Sylatech’s custom blend of, precision machining and advanced metal joining techniques. These methods include flame or dip brazed, silver soldered, welded, mechanically fastened or adhesively bonded.

Our techniques afford exacting control over fine tolerances, which are required to achieve strong electrical performance. This includes thermal modelling and analysis of high power devices. Designs can be optimised for performance to meet the requirements of specific frequency ranges.

Typical Assembly Components

Wavguide Mitre Bends and Flanges

Investment cast, light-weight waveguide bends and flanges, are manufactured in aluminium or copper alloys. Commonly these are E and H planes, covering WR650 to WR15.


Ultra-short twists allowing the orientation of the waveguide to be rotated 90 degrees in an extremely short length.

Magic Tees

Magic tees with variants of linear, folded E-port and folded H-port available VSWR across the selected band, is tuned to cover 10-15% of the full bandwidth.

Waveguide to Coaxial Adapters and Transitions

Waveguide to coaxial adapters and transitions in a variety of connector configurations with sizes ranging from WR975 to WR28.

Techniques Commonly Applied

  • Flame braze AMS2672 and dip-braze AMS2673
  • Soldering / welding
    Precision forming through bending, twisting
  • Advanced metal joining including mechanically and adhesively bonded assemblies
  • Assembly and test of integrated sub-systems using Sylatech manufactured components.

Quality Certifications and Techniques

  • AS9100 accredited
  • Nadcap
  • Comprehensive verification and validations including CMM mechanical inspection, thermal modeling and analysis of high-power devices, destructive and non-destructive testing, temperature testing, pressure testing and electrical testing to 40GHz.

Aluminium, and OFHC (copper) material assemblies available. Aluminium 6082 T651 per BS EN 485, 515 and 573.


Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to telephone us on +44 1751 432 355.