Investment Casting, also known as Lost Wax Casting is a metal-forming technique. What makes this technique unique is its use of wax moulds to create complex metal structures.

Investment casting is a technique that has been in use for thousands of years. Its earliest recorded use dates back to 2500 BC, to create idols, ornaments and jewellery. In its earliest uses, natural beeswax made the patterns and clay created the moulds. 

Our Focus

We deliver a lost-wax casting, customised engineering solution, within the AS9100 quality standard.


Today, we use master die wax to create an infinite range of designs.

That wax is then coated in a thick layer of ceramic shell castings and left to dry and solidify to create the mould. It is then placed in a furnace to melt and remove the wax leaving only the mould. We then pour the liquid metal into the cast, where it is then cooled down and the cast removed.

The cast must still be hot so that the metal can flow into the small grooves and corners.


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